About Our School

Our School has a proud history and has gradually evolved into the vibrant centre of education it is today. We have sought to distil the essence of our school into a few important observations- 1.jpeg
As a school we are proud of our size:good things come in small packages! We know this allows us to have a family feel within the school that makes us feel special.




Being able to trace our education history back to 1844 there has been a long and proud association with the local church and wider community. Like the schools of old, we continue to put Jesus at the centre of everything we do and thus the school "plays a significant part in the development and promotion of harmonious village life in Mawdesley."

We believe that a holistic education is the only education we can offer- we aim to consider pupils mental,physical and spiritual wellbeing and to try and maintain a balanced approach to education. IMG_3972.JPG
Our central location gives us a wealth of local resources - The Village Hall, Mawdesley Tennis Club and Millenium Green. We genuinely are a village school and as such, have a proud history of supporting local events, like carol singing and tidying the graveyard.


millenium green 1.jpg



Although we have historic connections, we also have a great communication infrastructure that is very modern - a suite of 32 ipads allows our pupils to use the latest technology. See-Saw is an App that all teachers use to share pupils'achievements with families. We also use social media to maintain great positive links between school and the wider community.


Our School is very flexible and responsive.... we allow bookings at Out of School Club to be amended with only 24 hours notice, school dinners can be taken day to day as required, staff can be contacted by email and will respond personally. Also our formal parents' consultation meetings in the autumn and spring terms are 15 minutes long, this allows for detailed discussion and accurate time keeping.

We take PRIDE in what we do. Five core virtues run through our approach to success:

Perseverance, Resilience, Initiative, Determination and Enthusiasm.


Staff reward pupils' achievements in these areas, whether they be in or out of the classroom, with our Friday PRIDE worships. We then add our pupils to our tree of success in our school hall and recognition is shared withthe school and parents

Amie Sephton achievement.jpg