The School Team

 Mr. D. Ballard  Headteacher (SENCO)
 Mrs N. Austin  Class 1 Teacher 
 Miss L. Goulden  Class 2 Teacher (Senior Teacher and SLT)
 Mrs J. Cavan  Class 3 Teacher
 Mrs H. Jackson  Class 4 Teacher
 Mrs D. McClean  EYFS Teaching Assistant
 Mrs E. Lindsay  Class 3 Teaching Assistant and SENCO Administrator 
 Mrs K. Littler  Teaching Assistant
 Mrs J. Wilson  Teaching Assistant and Welfare Assistant
 Mrs L Threlfall  Teaching Assistant and Welfare Assistant
 Mrs C. Fairhurst School Administrator
 Mrs J. Collier School Business Support Officer
 Mr A. Walker  Site Supervisor
 Mrs J. Sutton  School Cook


 The Out of School Club 

  Miss Y. Adams - Manager 
  Mrs. L. Stott - Assistant


Little Acorns Pre-School

 Miss. M. Connett   Manager
 Mrs E. Webster  Deputy Manager 
 Mrs. L. Rimmer  Assistant
 Mrs. L. Booth  Assistant


Our School Governors

Our school has two Governing Body Committees. We would like to share the Terms of Reference for both of these with you, as well as our Register of Governor Interests see below files to download.


Standards and Effectiveness

If you have any questions or comments, our Governing Body will be happy to speak to you.

 Mr R. Mallows  Chair (Child Protection)
 Rev. M. Woods  Rector (Ex Officio Governor)
 Rev. J. Taylor  Vice Chair
 Mr. D. Ballard  Headteacher
 Mr T. Ferguson  Parent Governor
 Mrs. J. Etherington   Parent Governor 
 Mrs C. Procter  Local Authority Governor
 Mrs N. Austin  Co-opted  Governor
 Mrs. H. Jackson  Staff Governor
 Mrs V. Charles  Foundation Governor
 Mrs. P. Williams  Foundation Governor
 Mrs. H. Fenton  Foundation Governor
 Rev. J. Taylor  Foundation Governor
 Mrs. L. Petts  Foundation Governor
 Mrs E Marsh Foundation Governor


Files to Download

Contact the School

Mawdesley St. Peter's Church of England Primary School

Hurst Green, Mawdesley, Ormskirk L40 2QT

Main Contact: Mrs Carole Fairhurst

Tel: 01704 822657

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